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‘One online workspace for all the links in the financial service provision chain. It ensures that customers receive outstanding advice much more quickly’.

Discussions about consultancy fees and customers’ lofty expectations are keeping the finance industry extremely busy. Working on the basis of fees has its advantages, as long as all the intermediaries concentrate on what they are good at: providing appropriate advice each time they receive a request. Preferably as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, administrative tasks in an application procedure lead to delays and the obligatory cuts in rates. This should not be allowed to happen. Hyarchis Finance automates all work processes and allows all the links in the chain to work effectively together.

First-rate quality is the new normal

Hyarchis Finance is an online workspace for the entire chain. It supports new ways of collaborating between lenders, pension administrators, service organisations, intermediaries, consultants and the end customer. You collaborate quickly and easily to set up an application procedure. First-rate quality is the new normal, ensuring that discussions about price are less frequent.

Empower every link in the chain

Hyarchis Finance is a web-based software system that empowers every link in the intermediary distribution channel. It organises the whole chain as tightly as possible – from the front office all the way to the mid and back offices. In this way, intermediaries are given enough space to concentrate on their core task: consultancy and making complex requests more transparent. As administrative tasks are automated, the consultant remains focused on the customer. This ensures that the service is provided in a harmonious atmosphere. The customer is satisfied and open to receiving regular advice.

The chain is complete

Hyarchis Finance incorporates all applications in one system: document management (DMS), customer and relations management, financial administration, calculation tools and file management. All of the partners in the chain communicate securely using the chat feature, while sales and marketing features enable acquisition of new customers and further development of the relationship. From the moment that the first contact is established up to and including the point at which consultancy services are provided, the entire collaboration within the chain takes place in one integrated system.

Hyarchis Finance covers the entire customer journey: starting from the website visit, followed by the obtaining of advice through to the processing of the application. This fosters efficient working. It enables mortgage applications, for example, to be handled 60% more quickly. This really makes customers happy.


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