What is Hyarchis Legal?

Hyarchis Legal is a software solution that covers all aspects of legal service provision online, allowing you to fully collaborate with others within and outside your law firm. From the moment your firm accepts and registers a case, every step and process from that point onwards is supported with automated workflows and “interaction moments”. This is not to say that people no longer need to make a contribution. On the contrary, all the parties concerned will continue to add their input, make revisions and carry out their tasks. However, all routine operations involved in this knowledge-intensive process can be automated. These are activities that are error-prone, and a mistake could cost you a lot in terms of time and/or money. Hyarchis Legal facilitates a smooth process and helps eliminate mistakes and errors.infographic-zaak-behandelenkopie

When handling a case, people in various positions need to carry out a number of tasks at specific times. Even when parties outside your firm are engaged to carry out a task (like when you request the opinion of an assessor for example), these tasks fit seamlessly in the system too. And task fulfilment is monitored as well in terms of case conditions and budget.

At certain times during the handling of the case, documents need to be created—automatically where possible and with human input where necessary. Additional steps, like reviewing documents for example, can be introduced on an ad-hoc basis. The right version of these documents then need to be submitted to the digital court at the right time. It’s important that they are archived in the right case.

The introduction of the digital legal system in the Netherlands is a positive first step towards enabling you to communicate with your clients, bailiffs and other parties concerned in the case online. And there’s no need to switch over all at once either: Hyarchis Legal can be implemented in your organisation step by step.

Hyarchis Legal comprises an online work environment with modules for case and document management, timekeeping, CRM and customer communications.