Employees about Hyarchis

On this page, some of our employees share their stories about working for Hyarchis.

Frank van Beek – Developer

Frank van Beek | Hyarchis

Frank van Beek is a developer at Hyarchis. He started working in 2002 for Waxtrapp which was taken over by Hyarchis in 2012. An acquaintance told him about Waxtrapp and Frank decided to visit their website. “In the contact details, it was explained on which train station you had to simulate a severed artery for the ambulance to bring you to the office on the way to the hospital. The cheek of it and the sense of humour really appealed to me,” says Frank. This humour is now still evident at Hyarchis.

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Justinas Kabasinkas – Lead Developer

Justinas Kabasinkas | Hyarchis

A few months ago, Hyarchis opened a new office in Lithuania and since then I have been working there as Lead Developer. In my role, I supervise all projects on a daily basis, act as Scrum Master on some of them. I am also responsible for recruitment. At the moment, I am focusing on this last responsibility. We started with a small team but are set to grow to a comprehensive team of specialists in the near future. At the moment, we are working with a team of 7 and the objective is to have a team of 15 to 20 developers at the start of 2019. Hyarchis is growing and is keen to find developers willing to work together to grow the company. The Hyarchis culture is about being supportive and open, which makes it really great place to work. Attention is paid to individuals’ needs and management is placing a lot of trust in us to set up this office. I think it is really great working on setting up the office in Lithuania and contributing to the development of Hyarchis. In this blog, I will explain what this looks like in practice.

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Benny van den Heuvel – Software Development Manager

Benny van den Heuvel | Hyarchis

Throughout the 8 years that I have been working for Hyarchis, I have never been bored. During that time, the company has evolved and experienced several phases of rapid growth. We have gone from 15 to 40 employees and now have three offices: in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Lithuania. And there is no slowdown in sight – indeed, we are looking for even more people to come and work for us. There are many reasons why it is great to work for Hyarchis, but in this blog, I am going to tell you about the top three.

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Arvydas Sciukas – UI/UX Designer

Arvydas Sciukas | Hyarchis

A few months ago, I became the proud holder of the job title UI/UX Designer at Hyarchis. Based at Hyarchis’ Lithuania office, I work on a wide range of different projects that allow me to make the most of my design skills and expertise. What I like about working for a Dutch company is the open internal culture; everyone is very friendly and helpful. When I was at the Hyarchis office in Eindhoven a while back, it immediately became clear to me that there is little hierarchy at the company. No matter what position they hold, everyone sits together at lunch. This is very different in Lithuania, so it came as a pleasant surprise to me. My work as a UI/UX Designer is varied, which makes it very enjoyable. In this blog post, I will give you an impression of what a typical working day in my life as a designer looks like.

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