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Market leaders in the financial services sector have been trusting us and our solutions with their most precious data for over 30 years. Our suite of solutions consists of technologically advanced tools that streamline internal processes and adapt to ever-changing business demands, powered by AI and machine learning.

Regtech & Compliance

Hyarchis Regtech & Compliance offers you a comprehensive set of AI tools that help you to stay ahead of regulatory risks. By streamlining compliance processes such as data minimization, customer due diligence and data integrity checks, Regtech & Compliance puts you in total control of regulatory efforts.

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Operational Efficiency

The Hyarchis Operational Efficiency toolset is designed to automate back-office operations and reduce human error. Using AI-powered OCR, the tools in the suite extract and structure your data so your archive is 'Google-searchable' and automatically classified. Efficiency redefined.

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Hyarchis Document Management

Hyarchis Document Management is a comprehensive online data management solution. Scalable and fully integrated with Office, Salesforce and other ERP databases, Hyarchis Document Management gives you access to all your data anytime, from anywhere on any device.

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