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KYC Solutions

KYC Lifecycle Management Platform for Financial Institutions. KYC and Customer Due Diligence have become indispensable in the financial world. With the enormous regulatory burden, it is essential to collect and manage your data correctly to avoid fines and reputational damage. Quality KYC Solutions optimize your business processes and contribute to efficient onboarding, monitoring, and remediation.

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KYC Solutions


Offer your customers an entirely digitized onboarding experience while ensuring peace of mind with a fully automated regulatory compliance solution.
Document processing

Fully automated processing of documents powered by artificial intelligence. Save time, prevent mistakes and stay focused.

Identity verification

Automated identity verification, document authentication, and GDPR compliance.

Risk profile assessment

Automated 360 risk assessments of all your customers by screening them against watchlists, sanction lists, PEP lists, and media sources.

KYC workflow

Onboard customers with a flexible composable workflow adjusted to your KYC standards.

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Ensure regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle of your customers with a fully automated solution powered by artificial intelligence.
Risk Screening

Fully automated monitoring of your customers to ensure peace of mind in regulatory compliance.

Customer Due Diligence

Fully automated remediation of your digital archive's customer data.

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Regulatory requirements are constantly changing, and we help you stay one step ahead. Our solutions seamlessly dig through decades of documentation spread over millions of customer files to ensure your historical customer data complies with KYC, AML, and GDPR requirements.

Disclose your digital archive's contents in one click.

Document recognition

Fully automated recognition of any document in your digital archive with an accuracy of 99%+.

GDPR compliance

Ensure your digital archives are GDPR compliant in a fully automated manner.

Data integrity

Make sure your data matches all your systems and is cross-validated.

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Data management

Data management

A comprehensive, digital document management system designed for efficient onboarding, remediation, and customer file lifecycle management.

The tool balances efficient, compliant, secure data management and a seamless user experience. In addition, it helps optimize the governance of KYC and AML-related processes by leveraging advanced workflows and granular access rights for all roles.
Hyarchis Comply

Hyarchis Comply is a one-stop-shop for all compliance challenges of the Dutch accountant.

Hyarchis Enterprise

A comprehensive, online document management system. Designed to be hassle-free, Hyarchis Document Management strikes a balance between efficient, secure data management and a seamless user experience. Kick back, relax and let Hyarchis Document Management deliver peace of mind in a data management experience.

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