Ingage Elevates Data Strategy with Hyarchis Cloud
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Ingage – Document Management

Ingage is a platform that brings consumers, investors and lenders together in the Dutch mortgage market. They consist of three business units - Ingage Franchise, Ingage Investment Solutions and Ingage Servicing –covering the entire mortgage market. Ingage services over 4,8 billion in assets under management for more than 25,000 borrowers.

Case Study

The challenge

To ensure that homeowners can get a mortgage, many documents and Source Data are required. After extensive checks and reviews, a passed loan usually follows. Then, the verified documents need to be stored in a secure manner according to applicable laws and regulations, such as the GDPR. Ingage has been working with Hyarchis software for this purpose for over a decade. To their full satisfaction. But until recently, they managed the application in-house, on-premise. This meant that Ingage had to perform functional management and run updates (with the help of Hyarchis) and ensure compliance itself. This recurring work drained a lot of capacity from the IT and Compliance departments. And those very resources were needed to further roll out Ingage’s data strategy. It is, therefore, of strategic importance that Ingage no longer has to worry about maintenance.

The solution

Document Manager
Hyarchis Document Management

Hyarchis offered the solution by migrating the application and data to the cloud. Hyarchis Document Management helps Ingage by taking over day-to-day maintenance. Because IT specialists are no longer focused on keeping the system running, they can pay even more attention to the data itself.

The result

More focus on the data instead of maintaining and running the application. 1 fte freed up to analyse, improve and process data.

5 archives
5 archives

9 interfaces with other applications
9 interfaces with other applications

14,000,000 documents
14,000,000 documents

7 terabyte data
7 terabyte data

Customer review

Wim Lut
Director IT

Ingage is strongly committed to data and needs to save documents of its borrowers. We have been digitally storing these in the Hyarchis application on-premise for over a decade. Lately, we were limited in our data strategy because we had to manage the application and the ever-changing rules and regulations ourselves. Hyarchis offered the solution by migrating the application and data to the cloud. Now, Hyarchis Cloud can support us to maintain this and helps us take care of compliance matters more easily. We now have more time to analyse, enrich, and manage the data itself.

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