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De Hypotheker Masters Hyarchis Document Management

published 2021-02-04

De Hypotheker, one of the largest mortgage service providers in the Netherlands, has finished migrating their document archive to cloud-based Hyarchis Document Management, or HDM. A few months ago, the companies made the decision to bolster each other’s mortgage optimization and efficiency efforts, resulting in the start of the migration. The completed migration is the outcome of a growing relationship between De Hypotheker and Hyarchis, the goal of which is to redefine document management and set new industry benchmarks for data control.

In the middle of 2019, Hyarchis and De Hypotheker made the decision to rekindle their relationship. Given their collective experience in the mortgage sector, as well as their early digital approach to this sector and prior collaboration, moving forward with a digitized, cloud-based solution was the logical next step in the relationship. Put specifically, the finished migration marks a steppingstone in each company’s history. In line with the previously completed transition of De Hypotheker into an omnichannel provider, Hyarchis has been transforming their on-premises document management solution to one that is solely cloud-based. Finalizing the migration marks the culmination of a joint effort between the companies towards achieving a shared goal – capitalizing on the myriad benefits made possible by a cloud-based document management system. The move will have a marked impact on the future of both companies.

Cloud-based document management

At present, the quantity of data managed by De Hypotheker is nothing short of extraordinary. With 180 branches in the Netherlands managing a collective 30 million documents, optimizing data management has always been a priority for De Hypotheker. However, managing 30 million documents – or more than 24 terabytes of data – effectively (and in accordance with pertinent regulations) is a continuous, challenging task. Combining the extensive expertise of De Hypotheker with Hyarchis’ powerful document management software has therefore made what was once impossible, possible – a mortgage organization with complete access to the value of their archives. At the same time, the project has been, and continues to be, a remarkable case study in the abilities of the proprietary technology developed by Hyarchis. Benchmark tests show HDM outperforming competitive alternatives at multiple levels, resulting in a marked increase in the speed with which De Hypotheker and their customers can interact. 

Jasper Cuijten, Business Development Director a.i. at De Hypotheker: “Finalizing this project and increasing not only the security of our data but also the usability is an important milestone for De Hypotheker. Given our history and smooth teamwork, we never needed to question the decision to move forward with Hyarchis Document Management. We’ve always prided ourselves on how we treated sensitive customer data but the fact that we can now use HDM to make better, more informed decisions with that data is crucial going forward.”

Andre van der Doelen, CEO of Hyarchis: “We couldn’t have asked for a better, more qualified partner than De Hypotheker to launch our cloud-based HDM. Their dedication and commitment to a redefined mortgage experience fits our data management goals seamlessly and we embrace the results of this new partnership with optimism and enthusiasm.”

HDM in 2021

Especially given the uncertain times is the move of paramount importance. With only ‘end-of-lockdown’ global predictions to go on, optimizing cloud-based solutions has become, or at least soon will become, a norm in most industries. The mortgage industry is no different – the finalized project therefore speaks to the importance of a technology-based approach to collaboration and mortgages in the future.

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