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Opportunities and threats in the mortgage domain: podcast

published 2023-03-21

Today Auke Dirkmaat is a guest in the podcast Compliance Adviseert together with Maartje van Veen. They talk about opportunities and threats in the mortgage domain.

It remains a sore point: people have to provide a lot of data when applying for a mortgage. They don’t like that because it’s a hassle, and it makes them insecure: did I provide the right data? And will my application get through?

Much data is already available as source data from various government agencies. Wouldn’t it be nice if parties in the mortgage chain could have direct access to that data, instead of having to request it from consumers? In the podcast, Auke and Maartje discuss the possibilities and limitations of using source data.

Digitizing data is commercially interesting, provides a better customer experience and is less complicated, conclude Auke and Maartje. By using data smartly, you get a better customer picture, you know better what information you have from your customer and you have to call him less often because you need information. They also talk about new perspectives that automation offers.

There are plenty of them, but compliance officers and ‘data people’ are still a bit afraid of each other. Where is the market going so that the entire chain can work well together? You can hear it in the podcast Compliance Advises .

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