Business Process Management

Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) facilitates optimum customer relationships based on well-managed processes. Handling work processes and procedures is what BPM software is all about. Traditionally, its main purpose was to ensure a consistently high standard of quality in all processes in an organisation, as well as in the output of these processes. Hyarchis software does this, of course, but goes a lot further. After all, we know that, for you too, continuous innovation and improvement is essential if you want to stay ahead of the competition and respond to changing markets.

Transparent work process thanks to BPM

At Hyarchis, process support is not an end in itself: the purpose is to help reduce costs while making a big contribution to ensuring a high level of service and assistance for the client, customer or citizen. Effective Business Process Management is a prerequisite in ensuring ongoing customer centricity in your organisation.

Naturally, our BPM software enables simple and consistent service and communication. However, the transparency in sharing work processes is the added value that Hyarchis enables you to offer in your relationships with your customers, business partners, external parties and colleagues.

Hyarchis BPM solutions

Hyarchis Digital Business Platform brings all the collaborating parties together in a single online environment, where you can, for example, take care of the entire mortgage-request process in a controlled and fully transparent manner. Our Document Management System plays a key role here. Hyarchis DMS is no static archive: it is a dynamic work environment where multiple versions of a document can be traced during a particular process. It also gives access to a knowledge base in which, for example, descriptions of legislation, standards and/or protocols are stored.

In control with Business Process Management

Hyarchis gives your business employees control over process management, allowing them to make changes personally when a new type of product or case needs to be added to the work process. In our view, the aim of BPM is to allow your staff to add as much value to your business processes as possible. Our BPM software facilitates this by helping them get a grip on the process by providing structure (bundling communication by presenting data in a well-organised way, for example), while automating simple administrative operations wherever possible.

Hyarchis also provides insight into customer communications that generally occur in a non-structured way: the occasional emails, letters or other documents that are created during the process, but which are not programmed into it, are supported in terms of data and content and saved with the appropriate case.

Benefits of Hyarchis BPM

Your organisation stands to benefit in many ways with Hyarchis Business Process Management. Our BPM solutions will boost your efficiency and results immediately. A few examples of how you will benefit:

  • Gain insight into the process from beginning to end
  • Create commitment to the process
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your customer communications
  • Collect all the information you require from a single, centralised location.

If you are looking for a Business Process Management solution, look no further, contact us today! We would be happy to tell you all about what Hyarchis can do for your organisation.

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