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Customer Due Diligence

A fully automated remediation process for the customer data in your digital archive. Thanks to our state-of-the-art software, we always know who your customers are, with which we prepare a complete and compliant customer profile for you.

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Hyarchis CDD analyzes risk profiles

Hyarchis CDD analyzes risk profiles

Heightened risk profiles or incomplete archives where critical data is missing. CDD gives you complete control of your compliance trajectories and ensures your data is valid and your customers are who they say they are.
Automate KYC processes

Automate KYC processes

KYC or 'know-your-customer' processes are time-consuming and challenging. Hyarchis CDD eliminates these factors and instead turns compliant due diligence into an automated process.

Diligence made easy

Customer due diligence is a necessary part of regulatory compliance and can be quite complicated. With CDD, it's a walk in the park.

The problem
The problem
Regulatory requirements are continuously in flux and demand a flexible approach to managing your data. Data is often onboarded while new regulatory requirements are not yet in scope.
Our solution
Our solution
Hyarchis offers a state-of-the-art document processing flow that automatically recognizes documents, extracts relevant data, cross-validates information, and blurs sensitive information by renewed legislation.
Hyarchis helps ensure regulatory compliance throughout the lifecycle of your customers by automatically performing your regulatory change management.

Hyarchis CDD

Martijn Groenewegen, Directeur IT bij Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance

Martijn Groenewegen

IT director, SAREF

The introduction of GDPR conflicts with our retention obligation, which means that we can no longer store sensitive information such as a BSN number in our archive. That sounds simple until you become aware that our archive consists of large volumes of unstructured and uncategorized documents. Thanks to intelligent and automated solutions, we can meet regulatory obligations in all cases and in conjunction at the same time.

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