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FSV Accountants + Adviseurs is a leading Dutch accounting and advisory organization. Their 70 professionals provide solutions in the areas of accounting, auditing, taxes, and payroll administration to medium-sized businesses, international clients, and non-profit organizations.

Case study

The challenge

As an accounting firm, FSV faces increasing pressure to comply with strict regulatory requirements, particularly in the areas of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. To address this, FSV had set up manual and time-consuming processes. For a smoother onboarding of new clients, FSV wanted to efficiently request and store documentation, such as customer acceptance forms, as well as politically exposed person (PEP) and sanction forms. Additionally, retrieving specific documents within their paper-based archival system was a complex and time-consuming process, leading to issues and errors. To overcome these challenges, FSV recognized the need for a digital document and compliance management solution.

The solution

The result

FSV has better control over the document management process, a firmer grasp of the compliance process, and higher operational efficiency.

3800 number of clients’ forms created
3800 number of clients’ forms created

1200 number of PEP and Sanctions checks
1200 number of PEP and Sanctions checks

350.000 dossiers created
350.000 dossiers created

2,3 million documents securely stored
2,3 million documents securely stored

Customer review

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Martijn van Haaften
ITC Manager

Submitting a document to the regulator and saying, 'this is it,' is no longer sufficient. Regulators want to know who has accessed a document and when. With a digitized archive, this can be much more easily demonstrated than with a paper archive.

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