From searching to finding: Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance implements Hyarchis Document Management


Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance is an investment management company specialising in real estate and mortgage investments. Their clients include Dutch pension funds, insurance companies and charities. Syntrus Achmea RE&F has been working with Hyarchis Document Composition for many years and recently started using the Hyarchis Document Management (DMS) system as well. Director of Mortgages Hugo Ouwehand and project manager Murat Uluşan tell us about their experience with Hyarchis.

Less customised, more standardised

Syntrus Achmea RE&F manages about 5 million documents relating to its residential and commercial mortgage activities. The previous customised document management solution was no longer meeting the requirements and did not provide the required flexibility. Furthermore, the company wanted to replace the custom archive system with standard document management software that could be used throughout the organisation. So Syntrus Achmea RE&F went looking for a less complex system that would integrate easily with standard (mortgage) systems. An additional key requirement was that the system would have to allow for faster implementation of functional and technical changes, to adapt to changing market conditions for example. “We invited several parties to give us a demonstration,” says Murat Uluşan. “These ranged from large, international companies to small, local enterprises. What we found remarkable was that, between the different parties, the differences in functionality were not that great.”

Cultural fit with Hyarchis

Hugo Ouwehand adds: “During the selection round, we of course looked at the functionality and the price tag, but what was perhaps even more important to us was the cultural fit. And that was one of the reasons for us to go with Hyarchis. It is a medium-sized Dutch company, and we are also medium-sized in the field of asset management. That felt good: with Hyarchis we didn’t get the impression that we would just be a small client. Hyarchis could also offer us a nice, generic solution with the functionality we needed, and for an attractive price. And, lastly, the system could integrate seamlessly with other applications, which was important to us because the purchase of a new DMS was part of a wider digitisation process.”

Successful implementation project

“Even though we were already very familiar with Hyarchis we started with a pilot. The results met our expectations, so we could then look forward to the full roll-out with confidence. This took about two months and it all went according to plan. In this regard too, you can see that it pays to work with a Dutch company. We have the same culture, the technology is tried and tested, and we can quickly respond to events as they arise. That makes for a dynamic collaboration,” says Murat Uluşan. Hugo Ouwehand: “What really struck me on the day that the system went live was all the happy faces. Everything worked, it was fast, there was no downtime. It also helped that the user group was involved right from the start. That soothed any concerns within the department.”

Saving time with Hyarchis’ DMS

A starter group of 40 users has been using the DMS for several weeks now. Hugo Ouwehand: “The plan is to roll out the system across the entire organisation, meaning that we will eventually have around 400 users. We can see that we now have a flexible, user-friendly system. HDM works very nicely; our employees give it an 8+ out of 10. This appraisal is partly based on the time we save when using Hyarchis’ DMS. As soon as documents relating to a new mortgage application come in, these documents go directly from the scanner and email to an assigned case. This system also allows us to process documents in existing cases faster. And, on top of that, it makes finding cases and documents easier, and therefore faster. As I like to say, we’ve gone from ‘searching’ to ‘finding’; we now have the information we need right when we need it. Our service has improved as a result.”

Looking ahead

Murat Uluşan: “The next step we want to take is to roll out Hyarchis DMS further. It has now been implemented in the commercial mortgage domain. Over the course of this year, the system will be rolled out to the rest of the domains, including Residential Mortgages, International Real Estate, Mid-office Direct Real Estate, Investor Relations, Business Control and Cash Management Reporting Finance. We are looking forward to the day when more of our people can benefit from this flexible DMS.” Hugo Ouwehand has the last word: “The more happy faces the better.”