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Hyarchis-Data-Science Academy

Hyarchis Data Science Academy opens doors for the new semester: training for analysts, jobs for the best

published 2023-01-18

Hyarchis Data Science Academy opends doors the new semester in Kaunas. The company invite those who want to learn data analytics for free. During a unique course, people will deepen their knowledge on various topics – from machine learning principles to data prediction. The most talented will join the company’s team of data scientists.

“Last year, when we opened the first free academy of this kind in Lithuania, we received a lot of interest. We had a few dozen applicants in just a few days, and before the end of the application process, the number went over 100. The students who have completed the course have also been extremely positive about the project. So we decided to continue the project this year and apply the accumulated experience to build an even more comprehensive program,” says Artūras Katvickis, Senior Data Analyst at Hyarchis and course leader.

This year’s academy course will deepen students’ knowledge of machine learning principles, data clustering, and classification. The academy will also introduce students to various machine learning algorithms ranging from statistical to neural networks. They will also learn how to evaluate the trained models and choose the most appropriate one for each situation.

According to Katvickis, much more attention will be paid to practical tasks and case studies, with the theory included organically this year. It will also provide knowledge about the labor market, the modern working environment, and best practices in working with data.

At the end of the course, students will take a final practical exam, which will lead to a certificate indicating their level of knowledge.

Hyarchis Data Science Academy entrance – exam before the study

The Data Academy courses will be completely free of charge for all those who wish to attend, but the registration procedure will change this year. After registration, those wishing to enroll must pass an entry test – solve a simple task. According to the Academy’s creators, this will allow them to gather a targeted group of students and achieve tangible results faster.

“This year, we are focusing on people who are already familiar with data analytics – those who learn independently, study in the relevant program or work in a similar field. This way, the level of the group members will be much more similar, and we will be able to move forward faster and provide deeper knowledge to the participants,” says Katvickis.

For the same reason, Hyarchis will reduce the group size to 25 instead of the current 30 places this year.

A job for the most talented

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive certificates while the best performers get an opportunity to join the company’s team of data scientists.

“Last year, we helped around 30% of the participants to change their career direction. So this year, we also hope to find talent to offer a job during the course. We want Data Science Academy to become a place to gain knowledge and a stepping stone to a successful career in tech industry,” says Vaida Vaščiulienė, HR partner at Hyarchis.

This year’s Hyarchis Data Academy course will run for four months, and the classes will be held live twice a week – on Monday and Friday – at 6 p.m. at the business center Kauno Dokas. This year’s group will start on February 3.

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