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The accountants of FSV talk about digitized onboarding’s importance

published 2023-09-07

In conversation with Auke Dirkmaat, Melvin Rademaker and Martijn van Haaften from FSV Accountants discuss the impact of digitization on the process of complying with laws and regulations.

According to Melvin, digital onboarding “initially seems like a lot of work, but it’s nothing more than traditional capturing on a form and scanning it.” And more importantly, “submitting a document to the regulator and saying, ‘this is it,’ is not enough,” says Martijn. Regulators want to know who has accessed a document and when. With a digitized archive, it is much easier to demonstrate than with a paper archive.”

What is important, Melvin says, “is to maintain an understanding of what the software checks. Simply telling a regulator, ‘I pressed the button and it performed a check’ – if you don’t know what the software is looking for, what have you actually checked? Common sense remains indispensable.”

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