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BCMGlobal is a global loan servicer with offices in Australia, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, among others. BCMGlobal has more than 120,000 loans and total assets of €80 billion under management. In the Netherlands, BCMGlobal has managed to capture the largest share of the buy-to-let market in less than two years.

Case study

The challenge

Institutional investors still see the Dutch mortgage market as one of the most attractive investment markets in Europe. The buy-to-let market in particular has been growing rapidly in recent years. Whereas the size of the buy-to-let market was estimated at €65 billion in 2017, it has now grown by around 20% to almost €80 billion in 2020. The rapid growth of this market has led to the equally rapid emergence of many specialized mortgage labels as well as an influx of foreign capital. BCMGlobal saw an opportunity to grow in this market by offering a digital-only servicing proposition that provides an efficient and compliant management process for investment mortgages.

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170.000 documents
452.000 pages
185 GB of data
121 document types

The result

Where BCMGlobal started in 2019 as a greenfield operation in the Netherlands, in less than two years it has become the undisputed market leader in investment mortgage servicing. This growth, according to Gijs van Reeden, Managing Director Change & Technology BCMGlobal, can be attributed to the technological proposition BCMGlobal put in place together with Ohpen and Hyarchis.

Blurrify automatically blurs out BSN  numbers
Blurrify automatically blurs out BSN numbers

Documents are made compliant upon reception
Documents are made compliant upon reception

Blurrify offers an accuracy of 98%
Blurrify offers an accuracy of 98%


Gijs van Reeden, Managing Director bij BCMGlobal
Gijs van Reeden
Managing Director at BCMGlobal

We quickly secured a leading market share by offering something that did not yet exist in the Netherlands: a digital-only platform for the acceptance and servicing of a rental mortgage. With us, everything is digital - we are one of the first servicers that no longer works with physical documents at all. Unlike other mortgage servicers, our platform runs entirely in the cloud, making it available 24/7, and uses the latest technology. Such a flexible, on-demand platform is important for a market developing at lightning speed.

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