De Hypothekers Associatie


De Hypothekers Associatie (DHA), a nationwide mortgage consultancy firm more well-known as De Hypotheker, has all its applications set up centrally so that the 1100 employees at its approx. 160 offices spread across the country can concentrate on their main task: advising customers on mortgages and the associated financial aspects. When DHA was replacing its outdated Total Advice System (TAS), the service provider called in Hyarchis. It was a smart move, with Hyarchis now handling the entire document composition process, including a link to Hyarchis Document Management to ensure responsible digital archiving. This is an essential part of the advisory service provided by De Hypotheker.

“Mortgages involve large quantities of often highly complex documents, as well as extensive communication back and forth between clients and our people in the local offices. The communication needs to be consistent, up to date and reliable and this applies to its documentation too. Only then can we determine exactly what advice was given, what the customer requested, why a particular type of mortgage was recommended, why a particular choice was made, and so on. For us, our business stands or falls with the whole procedure surrounding communication,” explains Matthijs de Zoeten, Head of Information Technology and Services at DHA.

DHA was already using the Hyarchis Document Management solution for its digital cases and archives. The system has been installed at all offices, allowing DHA staff to communicate about clients with each other and with the head office in Capelle aan den IJssel. De Zoeten continues, “Our experience with the system has been positive: our consultants can access all client cases online, with the system obviously subject to stringent security measures.

DHA explicitly indicated that it wanted to be able to handle all outgoing communications centrally, so that we could maintain strict control over the document flows, the related processes, the content of the documents, the business rules that are, in turn, based on laws and regulations, and so on. Consistency, reliability, traceability: that’s what matters in this business.”