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De Hypotheker – Document Management System (HDM)

De Hypotheker is the largest independent mortgage advice organisation in the Netherlands. Thanks to their well-known “Jazeker!” campaign, they have become a true household name, which is hardly surprising. With a history spanning 35 years, 180 branches throughout the country and 900 employees, De Hypotheker are a key player in the Dutch mortgage sector.

Case study

The challenge

Since its beginning, De Hypotheker has provided more than a million people with mortgage advice. As a result, De Hypotheker now manages around 30 million documents for its clients daily. De Hypotheker has recently enriched its traditional consultancy practice with omnichannel services. This transition required an overall optimization of the business operations, focusing on the following challenges: - Streamlining customer service by providing more efficient service; - Adjustment to the "new normal" in which both remote work and remote advice have become the norm; - Adapt the ease of use of the application landscape to the demands of the new way of working.

De Hypotheker Small
180 branches
400 000 active mortgages
30 million documents
24 terabytes of customer data

Our solution


With the Hyarchis Document Management system (HDM), De Hypotheker has all its customer data available in a centrally accessible location in the cloud. This allows consultants to do their work from any location, which was also the last step for De Hypotheker on its way to becoming a paperless organization. Using the HDM system that has been specially designed for the mortgage market, De Hypotheker has gained a marked increase in efficiency, coupled with the assurance that their customer data is always GDPR-compliant.

Central storage of customer data in the  cloud
Central storage of customer data in the cloud

A secure, cloud-based document management system that enables consultants to serve their clients anytime, anywhere.

A system developed for the mortgage  sector
A system developed for the mortgage sector

A system that is designed for the mortgage market and therefore optimally supports advisers in their primary work processes.

Unhindered access to the entire contents of the customer archive
Unhindered access to the entire contents of the customer archive

Seamless integration with applications such as Salesforce, Findesk, HDN and Microsoft Office.

Word from De Hypotheker

Paul van Dijk, Senior Product Owner bij De Hypotheker
Paul van Dijk
Senior Product Owner at De Hypothekers Associatie

We entrusted Hyarchis with the delivery of a cloud-based document management system because of their extensive track record in the mortgage industry. For us, it was important to have a partner who knows our business. We found what we were looking for in this regard in Hyarchis, which made collaboration very pleasant. Although both project and process were intensive, communication was always clear which resulted in a successful implementation. The rollout to our 180 locations was achieved without a hitch, which can partly be credited to the e-learning that was prepared for the end users. The final product was so intuitive that we were able to use it immediately after implementation as if nothing had changed.

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