Lessons learned from the conversion specialist

As an IT manager at a financial services provider, how do you get replacement of the document management system onto the CIO’s agenda? It may not exactly be a sexy topic, but it is, nonetheless, quite important when the old system will soon be reaching its end of support, or management is demanding that you cut costs. The very thought of a conversion project may weigh you down, but for the conversion specialist it’s easy as pie. The following five tips will help you find your perfect partner.

Tip 1: Go for total care

When selecting a partner, select one that offers total care so that employees can concentrate fully on migrating to the new system. With Hyarchis, for example, the conversion project runs completely in the background, meaning staff need not worry about interim phases of the conversion and such.

Tip 2: Go for perfect conversions

The only way you can be sure that the conversion will be perfect is if the partner can demonstrate this with best practices. Look for an experienced partner; after all, you don’t want anything bad to happen to your tens of thousands of financial cases and documents.

Tip 3: Go for the right tooling

Due to the enormous volume of documents, a conversion can take up to two full weeks. So it’s essential that if the process is interrupted for example, the system is set up in such a way that, once restarted, the process will automatically pick up where it left off.

Tip 4: Go for certainty

A partner must exude expertise and be certain of its approach. It’s important, though, that your partner is not too arrogant to discuss the specific situation with you and properly test the proposed processes.

Tip 5: Go for savings

One of the requests we often receive is to reduce the number of file formats to just two: PDF and TIF. Hyarchis Convert Server converts everything to these two formats and provides its own viewers in the DMS system, meaning no more having to depend on MS Office and the various versions of Word. This saves on the cost of licences.

If you have a conversion challenge and want to talk to an expert (just talk, no pressure), you can contact us using the form below, or give us a call on +31 (0)88 007 8508.