Adriaan Hoogduijn talks about internationalization - Hyarchis
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Adriaan Hoogduijn talks about internationalization

published 2023-08-08

Since Hyarchis was founded almost 40 years ago, it has more or less reached the limits of growth in the Netherlands. Future growth will come from abroad, says Adriaan Hoogduijn in a conversation with Auke Dirkmaat:

“In 2018, we overhauled our product development and started the move from document management to regulatory technology. Laws and regulations are international, so we asked ourselves: can’t we internationalize the Hyarchis products that we have in the Netherlands?

We have developed a suite of products we call KYC Life Cycle Management. That product is relevant in Europe, and that is also how we developed it. We built the technology in a language-agnostic way, so that the product can be used not only in Dutch, but also in French, German or English.”

Watch the full conversation here.

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