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Document Processing

Fully automated processing of documents powered by artificial intelligence. Save time, prevent mistakes and stay focused.

Say goodbye to manual document processing

Say goodbye to manual document processing

Our AI-powered solution helps recognize documents, extract data and edit sensitive information with an accuracy of 99%. Onboard customers smoothly while saving time and avoiding human error via automation.

Regulatory compliance without compromise

Regulatory compliance without compromise

Securely share, convert, recognize and extract data while staying compliant with GDPR, AML, and KYC requirements. We automate your document processing and regulatory compliance without compromise.

Save time, prevent mistakes and stay focused on your customers

Automate document processing with an AI-powered solution.

Fact sheet
The problem
The problem

Financial services providers still lose a lot of time manually processing documents. This creates mistakes and comes at the expense of customer centricity.

Our solution
Our solution

With Hyarchis' AI-powered solutions, you can recognize documents, extract data and edit sensitive information with an accuracy of 99%.


Hyarchis document processing helps onboard customers smoothly and supports financial service providers in staying focused on their core business.

Document Processing testimonials

Amresh Raghoeneth, Manager Operations bij Quion

Amresh Raghoeneth

Manager Operations, Quion

With unrestricted access to our source documents which contain our customer information, we create a single source of truth within our company. This is a source of truth that we can rely upon within all of our business processes. Together with Hyarchis, this is the first step in a long-term roadmap with which we aim to create large-scale automation for both our acceptance and quality assurance processes.

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