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Document Management

Our Document Management System is a central solution to manage the entirety of your company’s documents. Benefit from central storage of documents which allows you to keep all customer data in a single place, organize workflows around a single source of truth, keep track of every change made in your customer files (audit trail) and collaborate efficiently with your colleagues.

Our Cloud-based Document Management System offers industry-specific templates for industries such as financial services, accountancy, insurance, and healthcare. With Hyarchis Document Management your organization can comply with relevant legislation such as GDPR and access documents from any place at any time, from any device. With this solution, Hyarchis is committed to providing an effective and secure handling of incoming and outgoing documents related to your customer files and cases.

Online access | Hyarchis
Online access -
anywhere and anytime
Log in from any device using the web interface. Whenever a new version of DMS becomes available, relevant users are simultaneously notified.
Audit trail | Hyarchis
Audit trail
Unalterable versioning of documents. Ability to check whether a specific user has seen a certain file.
Permissions and accesses | Hyarchis
and accesses
Managing the accessibility of your archives down to the level of individual documents. Permissions can also be set dynamically, access can be denied or granted to specific users.
Document composition | Hyarchis
Servicing your outgoing customer communications in efficient and complaint-free manner. Easy template management based on Microsoft Word for batches and on-demand documents.
GDPR compliance | Hyarchis
GDPR compliance
Adjustable time-periods of storage and removal of your documents upon the date of expiration. Ensuring that your archive complies with the legislation, such as GDPR.
Integration with Office 365 & different applications | Hyarchis
Integration with Office 365
Seamless integration with Microsoft Office products as well as Office Online version. Your employees can use the low-cost Office licenses and be connected to the DMS.
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Testimonial Rik Douwes Link Asset Services | Hyarchis
Rik Douwes
Managing Director, Link Asset Services
The availability of a highly innovative IT infrastructure is a prerequisite to realize our ambitions and strengthen our position in the Dutch market. Looking back on a smooth implementation process as well as a streamlined onboarding of our launching customer, we believe that we have made the right choice with Hyarchis.
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