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Data integrity

To be truly compliant with regulations, customer data archives need to have integral data security. Hyarchis Data Integrity scans entire document archives and if it finds something stored in the wrong place, it lets you know.

Manual archive checks are no more

Manual archive checks are no more

Checking your entire archive for accurate storage of documents is an almost insurmountable task that is never truly completed. With Data Integrity, your involvement with that process is now reduced as data validation is now an automated process.
GDPR compliance and data governance

GDPR compliance and data governance

Data Integrity checks your customer files automatically by scanning them, double-checking file completeness and then ensuring that documents are stored in the correct file. In a short timeframe, Data Integrity empowers your quality control procedures by checking large quantities of data quickly. It also crosschecks data with data in other systems, ensuring data consistency.

Your archive as it’s supposed to be

Knowing that sensitive data is where it needs to be is a huge relief. Being alerted when it isn't is the cherry on top.

Protecting your sensitive data is important. Validating that data's location even more so.
Data Integrity ensures that any sensitive customer data that isn't in the right place is brought to your attention. A huge part of CDD trajectories that took days now takes seconds.
Always automated
Always automated
As with all our tools, Data Integrity is fully automated and requires minimal input from you. Take a breather with Data Integrity.

Data Integrity testimonials

Rik Douwes Managing Director at BCMGlobal

Rik Douwes

Managing Director, Link Asset Services

The availability of a highly innovative IT infrastructure is a prerequisite to realize our ambitions and strengthen our position in the Dutch market. Looking back on a smooth implementation process as well as a streamlined onboarding of our launching customer, we believe that we have made the right choice with Hyarchis.

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