Hyarchis launches four new AI-based tools

Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence | uw archief als informatiebron

– Hyarchis, specialist in content services, is launching four practical document management tools. Based on artificial intelligence, Hyarchis Classify, Blurrify, Search-it and Check-it add a whole new dimension to finding, accessing and reading information. The use of AI enables automation of important control processes and makes unstructured data easier to access. These tools are Hyarchis’ response to the increasing need for better and easier access to information held in archives, for flexible archive management, and for (permanent) compliance with the latest legislation and regulations.

“Over the past few years, document management has seen a drastic transformation,” explains Adriaan Hoogduijn, COO & Hyarchis Artificial Intelligence Product Owner at Hyarchis. “The arrival of artificial intelligence now takes that transformation one step further. We have seen that our customers spend a lot of time on things such as adequate filing of documents in their archives and minimising data in personal documents. Thanks to our four new AI-based tools, we can make life easier for our customers and ensure maximum accuracy, cost savings and help them provide better grounding for their decision-making processes. Our tools empower them to make the most of their electronic archive and comply with the latest legislation and regulations.”

Hyarchis Classify
With many archives, it is not clear what documents exactly they contain or they are erroneously assumed to contain certain documents. This lack of transparency is a thing of the past with Hyarchis Classify technology, which provides automated insight into the contents of the archive. Trained using millions of sample documents, the Hyarchis Classify tool is able to establish what kind of document is being added to the archive and subsequently automatically classify this document based on interconnections between data points within the document.

Hyarchis Blurrify
Many organisations struggle with data minimisation, i.e. the requirement to limit the collection and storage of personal data. This is where Hyarchis Blurrify comes in, the tool that renders personal data unreadable. This solution can handle all possible file types, ranging from PDF to TIF, automatically blurring any data that you do not need for legitimate business purposes, such as personal identification numbers.

Hyarchis Search-it
Organisations often have a lot of documents that are only partly searchable or not searchable at all. Hyarchis Search-it can read these documents automatically and add an invisible text layer to them, making the contents of scanned and other documents fully searchable, while keeping the original archive item intact.

Hyarchis Check-it
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires companies to demonstrably run checks to verify the accuracy of documents in personal cases. Instead of manually or randomly going through these cases to check that they are accurate, there is now an entirely automated way to do this. By going through all documents in the archive at text level, the last of our four new tools is able to figure out based on document contents whether or not it is dealing with a prohibited document. All relevant data points are also cross-checked to verify whether documents have been filed in the right case. Misfiled documents are flagged for manual verification.