Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise content management system

Hyarchis offers Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for the processing, management and smart use of large quantities of unstructured information. Whether you need document management or document composition support, or want to collaborate with a client in a digital workplace, with our ECM solutions you can be sure that your valuable information will be recorded securely and in a central location. You can then decide who needs access to certain information, and all information can be edited, stored and archived anywhere, any time. So, as you can see, Hyarchis ECM software lets you optimise all aspects of the key information flows in your organisation, with more confidence in the result and significant cost-savings as well.

Enterprise Content Management supports the total process

Not only does Hyarchis ECM give you valuable insight into unstructured information, it ensures that your data is properly secured too. The system handles all your information, documents (physical and digital), emails and web content, from creation to publication and while archived, meaning you can always be sure that your information management runs smoothly and effectively, and that valuable data will never be lost.

Hyarchis ECM comprises three products

  1. Hyarchis Digital Business Platform
  2. Hyarchis Document Management
  3. Hyarchis Document Composition

The seamless integration of these three Hyarchis ECM products streamlines the entire information process, makes the right information available to the right employees, and ensures that business-critical data is never lost. And, equally importantly, by enabling fast integration of new products or services into the business process, it offers the organisation a higher level of flexibility.

Integration of the ECM system

Hyarchis has years of experience with integrating ECM software for its clients’ business processes. We understand how important and complex the integration of an Enterprise Content Management system is, we know the pitfalls, and we know how to deal with them. Our aim is to enable your employees to work as efficiently as possible and help them increase the quality of their efforts, and their productivity too.

If you would like to know more about what Hyarchis can do for your organisation when it comes to digitising and structuring your document flows, customer communications and optimising your sales and other business processes, or making your unstructured information transparent, contact us today! You can use the online contact form, or give us a call on +31 (0)88 00 78 500.

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