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Customers want a personal approach and the sense that they take centre stage in the services they receive. If you are still sending out texts that say something like “If you have a nationally guaranteed mortgage, this information is important for you”, or “If you are over 65, fill out Appendix B”, you’re missing the mark. After all, you already know your customer’s age and situation. Our document composition solution allows you to efficiently compose and manage every aspect of your documents, meaning you can address each customer personally.

Personal communication with Document Composition

When you tailor the content of a document to the individual customer, that customer will be able to process and understand the information better. With a personalised approach, you’ll see a reduction in the number of queries your customer service department receives in response to a quote or an annual statement for example. And you’ll also notice that customers respond faster to requests, either printed or online. Now, thanks to Hyarchis Document Composition (HDC), composing personalised messages is child’s play.

Document Composition structure and configuration

Whether it’s a letter, response to a complaint, bank account statement or complex insurance policy, no matter the content, the structure and layout of your document is completely up to you. Using text blocks and collecting the information from your data sources (e.g. your CRM system), our solution composes the document with all required information and in any format you desire—all fully automatically. Hyarchis Document Composition is perfectly suited to multi-channel output and can compose documents for distribution by print, email and on websites and social media.

Save time and money with Hyarchis

Documents for financial institutions (for example) like banks, insurers and pension funds used to have to be individually programmed into the application. That’s no longer necessary these days: HDC has simplified this process enormously. With HDC, creating and editing templates is a breeze, while the content of the documents can be composed dynamically. In your application, the moment a document needs to be generated, HDC starts up and collects the required data from your application. What’s more, creating and managing the templates no longer needs to be left to the IT department: it just takes a short training session to teach staff in the business departments to do all this themselves. Both sides benefit: IT no longer needs to answer content management-related questions, while the business can get the job done faster, without having to rely on anyone else.

HDC in practice

Hyarchis Document Composition has a proven track record, both when it comes to composing very complex, exhaustive documents like mortgage advice reports, for example, and with handling extremely high volumes of documents like annual statements, uniform pension statements, invoices, etc. Processing more than 10,000 physical documents a day is easy for HDC. Thanks to the intuitive user-friendly designer (based on Microsoft Word), staff can get to work with this tool quickly and then, of course, they save a lot of time when creating and editing the various templates. Based on its wealth of experience in converting various document composition systems to HDC, Hyarchis can guarantee a smooth, efficient and perfect transition of your system to Hyarchis Document Composition.

All the benefits at a glance:

  • Easy personalised communication with customers
  • Efficient output management
  • Multi-channel output (print, email, web, social)
  • Multi-label output
  • Considerable savings in costs and time
  • Facilitates dynamic composition of letters and documents
  • Easy document composition thanks to intuitive user interface

If you would like to put your customers front and centre in your communications too, contact us to learn more.

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