Hyarchis Document Composition

Clients want a personal approach and the sense that they take centre stage in the services they receive. That’s why you should no longer be contacting your clients with texts like ‘If you have a nationally guaranteed mortgage, this information is important for you’, or ‘If you’re over 65, fill out Appendix B’. After all, you already know how old your client is and what kind of mortgage he has. Our Document Composition solution helps you personalise, manage and compose all your documents.

From letters and complaints handling to bank account statements and complex insurance policies: you determine the structure and layout of your document. Our solution includes automatic insertion of all the content and information you need from your own data and produces the document in your preferred format.

Our Document Composition solutions allow you to benefit from:

  • Personal communication with clients
  • Efficient output management
  • Multi-channel output (print, e-mail, web, social)
  • Multi-label output
  • Saving on time and costs
  • Dynamic composition of letters and documents
  • Easy document creation

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